What are “I Did That!” Stickers?

Have you been wondering about these stickers that are popping up on gas pumps all across the nation? What is the meaning of “I Did That” Stickers? You’ve probably seen them on social media and wondered what they are. But, before you go out and buy a bunch of them to plaster all over gas pumps and empty store shelves, you should know what these stickers are and why people are talking about them.


Have you wondered why gas prices are so high? It’s getting expensive to fill up your tank. Prices at the pump have been rising for months, but now the gas prices are soaring! Why don’t we ask our Commander in Chief? Ever since Biden took office the gas prices have only gone up, and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight. That’s why “I Did That!” stickers were born! Each sticker features a picture of Biden pointing his finger with the words “I Did That!”, and fellow patriots all across these beautiful United States have been posting these stickers next to the high gas prices on gas pumps EVERYWHERE, and yet, people are still taking them down!


Support the movement with these hilarious stickers! Simply peel and place the sticker next to the amount at your local gas pump (the more the better) or at your local grocery store with empty shelves! Let's show everyone the consequences of voting blue and having Sleepy Joe in office.


Each individual sticker is approximately 2 inches x 2 inches.


These stickers are proudly made in the USA. We individually package each order with love for this country! Support small business, and as always.... LET'S GO BRANDON!


Get yours today!